S6E2 - #AudioFestival Special with Imogen Church and Alba Proko

#AudioFestival goes live 22nd November

6 months ago

Episode Notes

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We chat to Imogen Church and Alba Proko about all things audiobook and the upcoming #AudioFestival on the 22nd of November (head over to Bookouture's socials to participate).

Imogen is an award-winning actor and scriptwriter, ex-Burlesque dancer, adoptive parent and lover of satire. Her debut novel Death and the Burlesque Maiden was published by Audible Originals in 2021 and her one-woman-full-cast-horror-comedy-audio-drama Boop! has just been released on XigXag. She narrates audiobooks like an absolute boss and she acts the pants off audio dramas in an array of roles, ranging from meglomaniac evil lizard queen to psychopathic steampunk engineer. She scriptwrites satire and horror comedy.

Instagram: @imogenchurchgobshite

Alba is the head of audio publishing at Bookouture having joined in 2020 from Bonnier Books UK. She has worked on a variety of audiobooks over the past eight years, from bestselling celebrity memoirs to romantic fantasy with a bit of spice, some of which have been shortlisted and won audiobook awards. A big part of her job is casting narrators and overseeing production.

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