S5E3 - Running Out of Time & Natural Wonders of the World

The Week Junior Book Awards Special 3

9 months ago

Episode Notes

This is the third in our specials reviewing the books on The Week Junior Book Awards shortlist for Audiobook of the Year 2023.

Running Out of Time by Simon Fox as narrated by Michael Golab.

Alex can steal time. The most he can take at the moment is fifteen seconds, but his grandmother took almost three minutes once - although he never saw it. But when he and his father are separated while fleeing their home country, Alex finds himself completely alone on the shores of Britain, with only his extraordinary gift to keep him safe. . .

We also discuss Natural Wonders of the World from Ladybird by Sidra Ansari as narrated by Ben Bailey Smith (a.k.a. Doc Brown) and Sophie Aldred.

Thank you to The Week Junior for sending us the reviewing copies. You can find out more about the awards by visiting their website:

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